Daniel J. Schad

Psychology Department, Health and Medical University, Potsdam, Germany

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Research Interests


  • Eye-tracking
  • fMRI
  • Contrasts in linear models
  • Bayesian properties of p-values
  • Bayesian modeling, Bayesian Workflow, Bayes factors, Data aggregation
  • Statistical and computational hierarchical models
  • Reinforcement learning (RL) models
  • Dynamical systems models (SWIFT model)

Computational Psychiatry and Decision-Making

  • Model-free and model-based decisions; arbitration based on cognitive abilities
  • Pavlovian conditioning (Human sign- and goal-tracking)
  • Alcohol addiction: Role of model-free and Pavlovian responses


  • Eye-movement control
  • Zoom-lens of attention and foveal load
  • Mindless reading (i.e., mind wandering during reading)
  • Sentence comprehension

Foto: Gene Glover